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About Core Medical Designs

Jacklyn Allen is the founder of Core Medical Designs. She has a BFA in Medical Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design. At school, she studied anatomy, physiology, histology, and human dissection at Michigan State University in the Life Long Learner Program while attending Kendall College of Art and Design. As a medical illustrator and animator, Jacklyn creates engaging works of art that educate with beauty and accuracy.

By working from 3D models instead of drawings, Jacklyn can create numerous compositions for each project with flexibility in lighting, angle, color, and texture. She also encourages clients to hold live edit sessions with her. By sharing her screen, they can go through the project together, provide feedback, and see their ideas realized in real-time. These sessions save time, guarantee the accuracy, and streamline the client review process. With Jacklyn’s attention to model accuracy, communication, and efficiency, clients are certain to receive a product true to their vision.

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